A monthly Toolbox to transform the chaos to calm in just 30 minutes per day.

Each month a box full of  Meditation Journal supplies, ephemera, vintage papers and the book of the month.

Be a Founding member and receive our special offer! Get Access to our Membership Portal for Guided Meditations and Challenge videos when you sign up for a 6 month or 12 month subscription and receive a handmade canvas cover and pencil case to kep all your goodies in.


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Founding Membership available until November 17th 2022. First box will be delivered from the 18th December. 

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What's in the Box

The Book of the Month

You'll receive a personal development book for creating calm techniques.

 Handmade Items

Made for you for the month, Appletree Squiggles Mindfulness Ink drawing for you to colour and put in your journal, Affirmation cards, Fodder for your journal.

Vintage Papers

A selection of 50 plus vintage papers, vintage fodder

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation card, 30 day challenge, Art supplies, access to membership portal for guided meditations and challenge videos.

How it works

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Subscribe to CMBC box for the length your prefer. Cut off date is 14th of the month.

Delivery Man

We pack the box on the 18th and deliver ready for the next month. You should receive your box in the last week of the month ready for upcoming month.


Play explore and have fun with or CMBC Calm Model.

Colorful Books

Book of the month

January Book of the month is "Universe has your back" Gabby Bernstein


Handmade items



Affirmation card

Vintage paper packs

Ink drawing

3 ways to add Meditation to your busy life.jpg

Mindfulness and Meditation

Membership Portal

30 day challenges

Why CMBC Box?

Personal Development 

We don't take the time to look after ourselves enough as mums, everyone else comes first but we need to fill our own cup first so we can then have enough to give to our families. Our Self development and self care is a very important part of our day. 

Sometimes it is the motivation to start or the inspiration of what to do. We need to trust and learn how to use our intuition and quiet our minds to hear it. Don't have time! We need to make time, that's why we use our CMBC calm model 10/10/10 for 30 minutes a day of create calm in our chaotic lives.

Motivation & Inspiration


Our membership portal and private facebook group allows us to build the community with like minded people so we can help ourselves and others along the way. The Challenges are ways to support and inspire each other to keep going.



Love it when my box arrives on my doorstep. I love the journal and fodder helps me start my meditation and journal practice each day.



Love the challenges 

Love to follow along with the videos and seeing what others post.



It was hard for me to fit selfcare into my day, but using the CMBC calm model I love the ease of it.

Yoga Group


When will my Box arrive?

All monthly subscriptions ship at the same time, we send them on the 18th of the month so they arrive before the beginning of the next month. You will gain access to the Learning Hub instantly.

Is there a contract?

No you can cancel at anytime. Please note that if you are on a 6 month or 12 month plan, you have committed to pay for the full subscription. 

What is the cancellation policy?

If you are on a month to month plan you can cancel anytime. If you agree to the 6 months or 12 months subscription you need to stay for the full commitment period. We do not refund on already sent box. To cancel your subscription log in to your account here. 

I want to include my product in your box?

We'd love to hear from you! Email us here and with your idea and/or product and we will get back to you on becoming a partner.

Do you ship worldwide?

A box is only available in Australia at this time.

Can I give the box as a gift?

Sure Can! You can add a gift subscription to your cart. Choose the length of their subscription and be sure that you correctly enter your billing address and THEIR shipping address.